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Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce:
Fall Newsletter

Welcome to the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce Newsletter! In our second issue, you'll find upcoming event information, event recaps, and info about Garden Valley, ID., and the surrounding areas. To submit a story and/or photos, please send to

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Car Show Recap

We had a great turnout for the car show! Thank you to all who attended. Couldn't make it? Check out our Facebook page for more event photos.

We would love to hear about your experience or any feedback that you feel can improve future events. Share with  

Garden valley car show

Garden Valley Center for the Arts

Garden Valley Center for the Arts
Garden Valley Center for the Arts
Garden Valley Center for the Arts

The Garden Valley Center for the Arts invites you to celebrate their 

10th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 7th from 6-8p. This celebration is to honor the founders and their beautiful vision of bringing art to the community.


Visit them on Facebook for more info >

Home Fire Safety

In our beautiful mountain community, embracing a proactive approach to fire preparedness is not just a choice; it's a shared responsibility.

As we navigate our natural surroundings, we must be vigilant and prepared for the ever-present wildfire risk.

This season, let's all take a moment to review our defensible space, ensure our emergency kits are well-stocked, and have a clear evacuation plan in place.


By working together to protect our homes and families, we can enjoy our mountain haven while staying resilient in the face of potential fire threats. Together, let's keep our community safe and thriving. 


Date Night at The Hinge

There is a great little hideaway in downtown Crouch where a couple can have a great date night like my wife Katja and I enjoyed. Located in the Garden Valley Market Square, we zipped down and ordered a charcuterie board and our favorite bottle of wine from a large selection of affordable to exquisite. Beer and specialty drinks are available, too.



The service is fantastic from Dominica and crew; attentive when needed, absent when not. The environment is warm, and great music is piped throughout interior and exterior seating.



We highly recommend setting up your next date night at the Hinge!

Upcoming Events

 Trunk or Treat
Oct. 28th 6:00-8:00p
in Downtown Crouch

A safe and fun place for the kids to dress up and get candy, win prizes, and play games. Adults can decorate their vehicles and hand out candy to all the kids. Garden Valley Smiles will be grilling some treats and handing out great prizes. 

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