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Homestead Property Solutions LLC

37a Anderson Creek Road, Garden Valley, ID, USA

Lars & Stefanie Johannson


Homestead Property Solutions LLC, run and owned by locals Stefanie and Lars Johannson, offers customizable package systems consisting of vacation rental, landscaping and homekeeping. Upon moving to Garden Valley from Germany in 2022, we dreamed of owning and running our own hospitality business. Several twists and turns later we discovered the need not only for vacation rental management but also for a caring hand looking after your home and land. Whether it's your yard that needs our TLC especially in preparation for and during the hot, dry summers and cold, harsh winters, your house that needs reliable and professional maintenance, or your pets that need care, cuddles and love while you're out of town – we always find the best and most suitable Homestead Property Solution for you. Enjoy our stress-free vacation rental management while you're out of town, earn extra cash and pay less at the same time! We manage the bookings, payments and maintenance of your home, you enjoy your share of the income. Call or text us if you have any questions or are interested in a customized offer. Stefanie & Lars Johannson

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