Payette Forward Thrift Shop

903 S Middlefork Rd
Garden Valley, ID 83622

Payette Forward Thrift Shop, Inc. is all about serving the community in multiple ways.  A group of very dedicated volunteers, no one is paid in any way, works every week to go through a multitude of donations.  One way we serve the community is by having an easy place to donate, sometimes even picking up donations.  Everything is checked over carefully before it’s ready to be put out on shelves, racks or placed in an appropriate spot.  100% of the income minus our rent and minimal expenses is given to other volunteer organizations such as the library, the historical museum, the radio station, smaller groups who function to help kids learn to ride horses, or go mountain biking or similar.  We also donate twice yearly to the Community Church’s ongoing program of giving out food baskets to those who are truly needy, usually some 60+ households and our funds help to purchase the turkeys and such.  We also give to the school from a wish list they generate of their underfunded needs, things that allow the kids to go on a field trip that might not have happened otherwise, or a kiln to make pottery, or even classroom supplies for which there are no funds.  Teachers also know they can visit the shop and find things there that would be helpful to them in the classroom and there will be no charge for those items; they also are aware if they have a student(s) who are in need of clothing, winter coats or boots and so forth, they can pick them up or ask us to send them over.  And the Fire Department asks us for funds from time to time for special projects that tax dollars don’t cover … often these are things that will well serve folks like our volunteers, mostly older folks, very well.