C.B. Tile & Stone, Inc.

CB Tile & Stone Inc
Oran Bequette, owner

2 Meadowview Circle
Garden Valley, ID 83622
208-229-0811 (FAX)

What comes to mind when you think of working with a Boise tile contractor, subcontractor or remodeling company?

Overlooked deadlines? Dishonest estimates? Bait and switch tactics? Unlicensed workers? Filthy messes?

I can’t blame you if you’re afraid of working with a Boise tile and stone contractor for any of these reasons. You are very well justified! The typical Boise, Idaho tile company is something to be afraid of!

Not me! I PERSONALLY will guarantee that you’ll have a positive experience…
Yes, I can tell you all about how CB Tile and Stone is the exception to the rule… but don’t take my word for it. Ask ANY of my previous customers. Just as they were ecstatic with our craftsmanship and professionalism, so will you. Here’s just a few reasons why CB Tile should be your first choice in a Boise tile company:

We’ve NEVER received a complaint letter
We do background tests on our employees
Our job sites are the CLEANEST in town
85% of our new customers are REFERRALS