Garden Valley Trails

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The trails surrounding the Garden Valley Area cover nearly 5000 miles. They are host to snowmobiling, cross country skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, back country running, off-roading, camping, and seasonal hunting. These trails connect to neighboring communities and counties and tie into the State of Idaho’s unique recreational resources and history.

Snowmobile Trails
View this map of Garden Valley Area 8B Snowmobiling Grooming Map

The Garden Valley Trail System begins at the Terrace Lakes Resort. A total of 17 miles are groomed, leading to Packer John and connecting with the trail system maintained by the Smith’s Ferry grooming program. Trails are also groomed from silver Creek to Six Mile, Boiling Springs, and Silver Creek resort. Garden Mountain can also be reached from the trail system though the route is ungroomed.

The Packer John Trail System begins at Cougar Mountain Lodge, 50 miles north of Boise. Riders go south along the road that parallels the North Fork of the Payette River on the East bank. It will lead to Packer John Lookout. From there the trail continues to “Three Forks” where it connects with other groomed trails that lconnect to the Silver Creek System and Terrace Lakes. This basic loop is about 31 miles.

The Silver Creek Trail System starts at either Cougar Mountain Lodge or Terrace Lakes Lodge. Starting from Cougar Mountain Lodge, Follow the North Fork of the Payette River south. After 5 miles, turn left on FS road #696 and go 6 miles, turn left on FS road #693, which connects with many of the groomed trails that cross over the North Fork range and leads to Boiling Springs and then to Silver Creek Guard Station. The scenery is spectacular, following the Middle Fork of the Payette River as well as some of its tributaries. There are about 50 miles of trail between Cougar Mountain and Silver Creek Guard Station.